All Star Prep Cheer

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 Our All Star Prep/Novice Program is our bridge program.  It is designed to ease the transition from school and recreational cheer into our All Star Program.  This is the ideal program for families who have athletes that are new to cheer, new to All Star, or have a limited budget for recreation.   As a part of our All Star Prep/Novice Program, we offer:

  • 2.5 hours, 2-Days Per week instruction which focuses primarily on fundamentals of cheer (Please note that additional practices can/will be added to ensure competition readiness);
  • Standard Program Uniform;
  • Accessory Package (Practice wear, shoes, warm-up, bow and bag);
  • Professional Competition Music;
  • 3-4 one-day local competitions; and
  • Opportunity to compete for Bids to U.S. Finals and The ONE.