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“I have two daughters who were very blessed to be a part of this awesome cheer program. They both went on to receive cheerleading scholarships in college. My older daughter was on the very famous INFERNO senior team. Coach Veronica just has a passion as well as knowledge for this sport and an excellent role model for her athletes.”

Maxine Freeman

“Crimson Heat welcomed my daughter with open arms, and helped her grow not only as an athlete, but as a person. We will always be a part of the Heat family.”

Amy Jones Adams

“My daughter grew up in this wonderful organization...actually it is more than an organization, it's a family! I would highly recommend them to anyone seeking a loving environment that stresses personal best and excellence over a trophy! More impressive is the rock-solid belief that the C in Crimson stands for Christ because Christ is our center and our focus! Every practice starts and ends with a prayer and every team prays before performing at a competition. After 9 years she has countless jackets, trophies and medals and thats all good but she has learned personal best and excellence go hand and hand. Life lessons like that are bigger than the trophy!”

Carla Coard

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